Stop Making This Way Too Common Dieting Mistake !

Are you making this incredibly common and yet easily fixable dieting mistake ?

This topic is SO important to me, I keep seeing women making this mistake over and over again, so I just had to do a quick video at my desk to get this message out to you pronto !

If you’re falling victim to this you’ll find yourself 

  • unable to stop yourself from reaching for high sugar, high fat snacks 
  • storing fat stubbornly ( especially around your stomach, bum and thighs ) 
  • feeling sluggish and lethargic and lacking in motivation
  • experiencing difficulty in losing weight even when you ARE being good!

Check the video out below to find out exactly what I’m talking about and whether or not this applies to you !

To claim your F.REE Food Diary Feedback Session ( 15 minutes )

1. Watch the video above
2. Download this editable Food Diary here .
3. Send the completed document through to
(if you don’t have a printer – just write it out in the email and send it through and we’ll be in touch)

Feedback On Food Diar

I’m offering a limited number of 15 minute Feedback sessions and they’ll be with either myself or one of my team where you will get some individualised advice as to some super simple tips you can implement right away. If you’d like to receive one of these sessions – please watch the video by clicking through here and downloading your food diary so that you can fill it out and send it back to us.(If you don’t have a printer – just write out your “Good Day” and “Bad Day” food intake and forward it by replying to this email )

Once we receive your food diary – if we think there’s some quality advice we can give you we will send you a link to book yourself an appointment at a time that suits us both. 

Please note : Just because this is free – doesn’t mean it’s not incredibly valuable !

We charge our time out at $250 / hour and $500 / hour respectively to work with people in a 1 on 1 situation so we can only offer this for a limited time and for a limited number of people.So – please only submit your food diary for review if you’re actually serious about making some changes to your health.

This video beneath outlines the difference between my approach and traditional weight loss methodology.

And this picture is just darn hilarious – yet also very accurate and totally preventable !


Video Transcript

Hey chook ! Bianca here.

My mission is to help you shed your weight and spread your wings. I’ve just got back from training and there’s been something that’s really been bugging me for a long time now, really. This is the behind the scenes office where

I speak to so many women every week who are making this really critical dieting mistake – and that’s not eating ENOUGH FOOD ! 

People have always been told that weight loss is just about restricting the food that you’re eating and really exercising, really hard to the point when you’re feeling hangry all the time, hungry and angry. The weight has come off really quickly at the start but then you feel it’s like this tightrope, right? You’re bouncing on this tightrope, you’re on the top of this massive cavern and these cliffs, this canyon.

                        You’re tightrope walking along and at any moment you could fail, you could fall off the band wagon, you could fall and plunge to the bottom of the ravine. The climb back up is so arduous, it’s so insurmountable, so painful but that’s pretty much the dieting choices that we’ve ever been given. Either going really, really hardcore which is really difficult to maintain or fall down to the bottom of the ravine and go “Oh, well okay, might as well give up now anyway”.

                        One of the really critical mistakes that I see is that people might start the day off being really healthy and then it comes to the afternoon and they just end up gorging on one thing and then the next thing or one little bite of chocolate turns into the whole packet or the whole block. You start thinking to yourself, just stop eating the chocolate, it’ll be okay. What’s happened is,

Hormonally you’ve set yourself up to crave the real sugar hit and you’ve done that from when you’ve woken up in the morning and tried to be too healthy and cut out your carbs and didn’t give yourself enough fats !

You would totally be surprised if you saw how much food you could eat AND lose weight – if it was the RIGHT type of food !

                        The other version of that is going for four weeks or six weeks super gung ho focused or maybe even only two weeks or maybe even only even four days and not being able to keep it up before you fall off the band wagon and you go for a binge. I’m going to be reaching out to you to give you some help okay? I want to find out from you, what do you eat on a good day and what do you eat on a bad day? I want you to put it all out there, warts and all, then tell me the ratio of the good to the bad.

                        One of my coaches is going to have a quick chat with you. If we think we can help you, I’m going to get you to fill out that pdf, fill out that questionnaire and then send it through to us or if it doesn’t work just write it in an email. Let us know what’s going on in your world. If we can help you, we want to reach out and give you a fifteen minute free feedback food diary consultation.

                        My team, they charge $250 a hour, so it’s super, super valuable but we want to give it to you for free, just to help you get off this roller coaster. People talk to me all the time about this stuff, Melinda’s just been contacting me “I’m doing a massive happy day today, work’s going so well and oh by the way, I’ve lost ten kilos”. This is what happens all the time, she’s saying that she realized it was just acknowledging the emotional stuff but also the awareness of why I want to eat and then not giving a shit about calories in and calories out. She stopped weighing herself and when her pants started to fall off her waist she thought “Hmm, maybe I’ve lost a bit of weight”

                        Melinda was saying she looks at weight loss completely differently now and that the Re-school, that’s our twelve week Love Your Body Lean online program, just watching the very first video allowed her to go “Oh, my God, I’m so in the right place”. She says that Re-school has changed so much for her, that her obsession with her weight and size has stopped. Her goals aren’t weight related anymore, they’re more health related and the number on the scales means nothing anymore. It’s the total liberation from the shit that she’s been putting on herself for years.

                        We can help you with that and sometimes it’s just a little tweak of what it is that you’re doing from breakfast or maybe it’s just pulling you back off the ledge and going “You know what? You don’t have to be tightrope walking. You don’t have to be at the bottom of the ravine. You can actually find this path for yourself that’s easy and effortless and you can have fun”. Six months down the track of no dieting and no calorie counting you suddenly go “Holy crap, my pants are falling off and I’ve lost ten kilos”. How cool would that be?

                        As you can tell I’m really, really passionate about it. Put the info down, it’s a bit confronting, I get that. Just imagine yourself sending it out for help from the universe because we’re here on the opposite end of this waiting to help you. Check out, if you want to the Chill Baby Chill video which is just the little first snippet of the first Welcome video in the Re-school that Melinda was saying really helped her and made her go “Oh, now I know why I’m here”.

                        Have a great day, enjoy yourself, know that there’s another option that doesn’t involve tightrope walking and doesn’t involve plummeting to your death every time you fall off the band wagon. There’s some really, really simple tips we can give you to help you start eating more so you can weigh less. How good does that sound? Awesome?

                        Send us through your deets, put it out there on paper and we’ll be talking to you soon.



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