A Powerful But Little Known Weight Loss Tool

Are you missing out on the fat burning powers of FUN ??

After working with women on their emotional eating and working on my own life balance for the past few years I see that “having fun” is truly a lost art of the Western woman.

And I don’t mean the fun you get around food, coffee and wine, of course that is a whole lot of fun – but that’s only ONE way of having fun. And if you’re struggling with your weight, chances are you’re filling up on that area of fun a little too often.

What I’ve found is that in our busy lives, rushing to work, meeting deadlines, juggling family events, striving to be slimmer, healthier and “the best version of ourselves” – we’ve completely missed the point.

“The basis of your life is freedom, the purpose of your life is joy!” – Abraham Hicks

What do YOU do for freedom, joy and purpose ? Something that doesn’t involve indulging in food or alcohol as the main event – or some version of “trying to be the best version of you” ?

* insert jeopardy music here *

If you’re coming up blank, or if you hesitated – it might mean that fun really isn’t in the forefront of your mind. So why is that ?

Do you not have time for fun? Do you think you don’t deserve to have fun? Do you think other things in life are more important than having fun?

Like if you’re not being busy working, running the household, well you should really be focusing your attention on losing the weight and keeping some of those promises you continue to make …..

year after year after year ….

But if that sounds too hard – hey, let’s just have some yummy food and wine and hope you forget about it !

^^Does that scenario sound familiar ?

Don’t worry – you’re not alone, but what I really want to push home to you is that losing weight isn’t about the food you do or you don’t eat, or the exercise you do or you don’t do. It’s about how you fill up on the deliciousness of life, so that you don’t have to resort to using only food and exercise to do it for you!

Fun is also an amazing stress reliever and creates an incredible hormonal chain reaction in your body that can flick off your internal fat switch!

What if STRESS is actually your biggest fat storer, and having FUN was the most powerful fat BURNER you’ve ever – never had to buy!

One of the things I do for fun is photography and I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you a program created by a good friend of mine Clare Stephens.



Clare has put together this incredible photography course called “Kids Through A Lens” – and she’s just about to kick off a 21 Day Beginner Bootcamp.

It’s designed for mums who have bought those awesome expensive cameras – but don’t actually know how to use them. I’m not a mum, but I do love taking photos of kids so I’ve been really surprised at how much my “fun tank” has been filled up! I love watching her videos and then testing the tips out on my camera and I’ve already started teeing up some of my friends for some photoshoots for them and their kids!

Clare says of Beginner Bootcamp ” The biggest benefit I have seen for mums is that they discover a passion for SOMETHING after not doing anything for themselves for years while having kids…

This is a hobby that actually involves the kids – so they don’t feel guilty about time taken away from them to spend on their hobby so there is quite a lot of confidence building and feeling good about learning something new that happens as an unexpected side benefit.”


One of my best friends Danna sent me this photo of my God Daughter Evie with the caption #NailedIt

We literally shrieked with laughter down the phone until tears were coming down our face.

I Heart Photography . This video is a collection of photo moments taken over the years by another one of my besties the incredible Melissa Jean !

So I really encourage you to check out Clare’s program by clicking here – and if you want to enrol act quickly because she’s still offering $50 off as an awesome early bird deal !

But whatever you decide to do – will you make me one promise ?

Decide that today is the day you’re going to put some FUN back into your life !

Mind Body Transformation Coach 

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And just remember – I’m always just a FB post or an email away if you ever need a swift kick up the butt to get your momentum back ! xx



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