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If you’ve ever thought to yourself “I’ll be happy when I lose the weight” – then maybe you’re just sick and tired of “waiting for the weight”.

If that sounds like you – I am very excited to introduce to you a fellow warrior woman : Emazon of Emazon.Tv who you may recognise as the trainer with the flaming red mohawk on The Biggest Loser a few years ago, and also a trainer on Australia’s Next Top Model.

Emma is a true Rebel – and disappeared from our TV screens not long after her very popular debut. Many years later – I was surprised to see her pop up on a comment on my “10 Problems With Isagenix ” article saying ” I like your style sista! “

I took the opportunity to connect with Emma and see what she’s been up to and I was SO excited to hear about the crusade she’s bringing to our attention and the stand she’s taking on Body Bashing & fear based marketing .

Wait until you hear why she gave up such a lucrative position on The Biggest Loser and why she’s been blacklisted ever since !

This interview gave me goosebumps several times just listening to the passion behind Emma’s philosophies !

Emma’s also got a “How To Be Your Own Mind Coach” evening planned on July 7th in Brisbane that I hope to see you there ! Emma’s offered us a special ‘BionicaFit” Tribe price for the evening ($66) you can book by going here.

There’s also other opportunities to connect with Emma you can see by going to her event page – I’m going to her event in Brisbane in September too.

Anyhow – I hope you love this interview as much as I loved hearing Emma talk about what’s really going on, and how you might already be a part of the rebellion – and you didn’t even realise !

So check out our interview and discover more about exactly what The Rebellion is – and how just being a part of it will be the key to boosting your body confidence and letting go of the idea ” I need to lose weight before I can be happy ! “

Because life is for living xxx


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Here’s a snippet of what Emma is all about !
Meet her in person on July 7th in Brisbane by clicking here. 



Interview Transcription

Bianca: Welcome everybody out there in BionicaFit Warrior world. I have a super special warrior guest with me, Emma Barbato, who is Emazon. Welcome, Emma. Thanks so much for meeting with us.

Emma: Thank you for having me. I am very excited to be here and a part of your wonderful tribe.

Bianca:  Yay. Emma, I recognized you from years ago when you were being your Emazon character, hard out on the Biggest Loser. Maybe that’s six or seven years ago, and I’ve always held a flame for you from back then. I noticed that I saw you comment on my recent article this year about the top ten problems with Isagenix. I recognized you then.

You’re all like : Power to you sister, because a lot of that was all about how a woman doesn’t feel empowered by getting in a pair of skinny jeans because she bought some shake diets, and just peeling back the layers. Tell me what attracted you to that. Then, what was the whole catalyst effect that happened behind the scenes with Fernwood and stuff with that, too?

Emma: Of course it gets shared to me, because my clients share this, to “go check out this.” They love to be able to share things which in their eyes was introduced to me as a form of rebellion, because obviously everything about Emazon and everything that I stand for is about the inner rebel that’s inside us.

They introduced that article to me because they were the ones reading it and going, “Here is a woman making her stand and going against the norm and being that solo voice to be able to turn around and go, ‘Here’s some facts, take it or leave it.'” They loved the tone of it, which they go, “You’ll like this chick.”

Of course, when I read it, the first thing that I was like, “Hell yeah,” the fact that when you’re committed, when you’re convicted to making a statement, because when you’re going to go out when people are a part of these lynch mobs, you know that they’re going to get the pitchfork out.

“I love it when a woman will still stand there and go “Don’t care. Not budging. This is my view that I have a right to have ” 

“I have a platform, I have people’s attention, and this is my view. This is my professional one, this is my personal one. You get that response of people going, “You can’t say that,” and I love the fact that you were like , “Watch me. Watch me. I will say it, and if other people agree, so be it.”

People don’t like that tension. They go, “No, you have to stop, you have to take it down.” This when I love when you introduce to people going:

“No, I don’t. No, I don’t have to take it down. There is nothing, you can do about it. You must accept it with an element of your own grace. As you are free to have your opinion, so am I. Let the thing be.”

I just love the fact that it was … You absolutely punched it, and you punched it hard. A lot of people, when you’re going to make a statement like you did with the Isagenix, you’ve got to punch it hard, you can’t dance around it. I love a hard-hitter, so, yeah, you came up on my radar big time as a fellow sister, a part of waving the flag.

Bianca: That’s awesome. You brought me to attention of this greater rebellion, and it’s really exciting. It keeps on giving me goosebumps. This was born from quite a few years ago when you did kick off with Biggest Loser, and how you had the world at your feet. The holy grail of personal trainers, of people in the fitness industry, is to be a recognized, a nationally recognized or internationally recognized trainer on a reality TV show like The Biggest Loser.

It was really interesting, because I did actually get short-listed for the American version, and Anna Kournikova ended up being in it. I kind of always thought, “I really wanted to be in it,” but then, now looking back, I’m like, “I so wouldn’t have fitted it.” You’ve actually had real experience of that, so tell us what your motivation was and what that whole story was about why we didn’t get to see more of you.

Emma:  My whole plan from the very, very beginning, in the back of my head, my whole approach, was the fact that, yes, I’ll be able to go in on the first season, and the biggest thing that I pitched to them, and they loved it and they embraced it, was have one trainer attached to the process of weight loss who doesn’t talk about their weight. I knew that because of my background within neuroscience.

I understood that if you just had somebody else, just one, just one trainer not focusing, not weighing in , not talking about the numbers, and let’s just use it as a character to be able to metaphorically teach them how to fight their demons. They loved it, they loved the idea of it, and they were like, “Cool”

Of course, the first season that I was in went to air and it was a huge success. The episodes rated and everything, it shot up into that massive … I was that massive curve-ball, and that’s what I wanted to be. I wanted to be visually something that shocked people out of the norm, because I am not your cookie-cutter personal trainer. At the time, I had a flaming red mohawk and full back tattoo, and I was obviously into cage fighting and all this kind of stuff. It was this real curve-ball of what people were expecting as the perfect, tanned, white teeth, long blonde hair personal trainer. They used it. I told them, “Use it. Use it to your advantage. Exploit it, do whatever you want with it, because I want it to go into the shock factor,” knowing very well that when we scramble the brain, it opens us up to the opportunity to evolve it. I was happy to be that first shock, and it worked. It really worked.

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4 Comments on “Join The Rebellion

  1. What an awesome interview! I’ve been a client of Emma’s for a few years now and am pretty well versed in her work. You’ve asked some great questions and I love the message you’re sharing Bianca. Thank you!

  2. I love the comments about how fear based marketing cannot survive on social media! Yes, the moment someone pops online and says, “Hey, this isn’t working as advertised and I’m following the plan to the letter…why isn’t it working?” Those fear based companies have only one answer, “You must NOT be doing it right somewhere.” So, it always falls back to, “It’s all your fault…our program is perfect and you’re the one who is broken!” Which just repeats the mantra, “I’m a failure.” One thing I am taking away from this interview and the materials I am reading and watching in your program is that the “I’ll never be happy until I’m skinny.” Is really better summed up by saying, “I’ll never be skinny until I’m happy!” So, get busy living and being happy first…the rest will fall into place (or fall off)! I’m really starting to do some soul searching and looking back to times when I was happy. What was I doing when I was happy, where was I in my life spiritually, emotionally, and then physically. What I am seeing as I look back on my life is that when I was spiritually and emotionally healthy…I was also in my best physical condition. I love this “rebellion” mentality and I am ready to REBEL AGAINST THE SCALE! Bring on the Happy!

    • YAHOOOO! You’re so getting “it” Shannon!

      So glad you took the leap of faith and joined our tribe ! Great to have you as a part of the rebellion ! xx

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