Are So Called Fitness “Experts” On Instagram Damaging Your Metabolism ?


Pseudo Health Advice On Social Media Versus Qualified Opinions From The Experts .

Who has been influencing your diet and fitness decisions – and have you ever stopped and wondered if they really should be ?

Have you found that the clean eating plans and Get Ripped in 30 Days or less programs have helped you transform your body but the process wasn’t sustainable ? And have you found that you could achieve quick results – but the cost of those extreme measures has left you unmotivated, frumpy and fatigued on the couch when you rebounded many months later ?  

Or maybe you haven’t relapsed – but you’ve found yourself obsessing over calories and workouts – and as much as your body is tired, and your mind is exhausted – you’re scared of what might happen if you let yourself slip – even just a little.

Bridget & Bianca discuss the long term metabolic and hormonal dangers of following 20 something Instant Fitness Experts especially if you’re a 30 + woman.

Tune in to learn how to ditch the diet mentality and discover your body’s natural healing power.

It’s not about will power and it’s not about punishing yourself to health. Truly – we will share with you how and why : attaining a lean and curvy body doesn’t have to be as hard as you think !



How to Ditch The Diet Mentality & Discover Your Body’s Inner Healing Power with Bridget Jane


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