I call BULLSHIT on “Fitspiration” images


I mean seriously…… are you for real ?? 

Sorry .

I call bullshit on “Fitspiration” images like these being used to promote health.

How many women can actually do a complete push up – let alone a one armed one ! (Or even care to ! )

There’s a difference between fitness and health.

Fitness can be taken to an unhealthy extreme.

You can be fit, but also be unhealthy!

If you keep giving up it’s because the goal you’re striving for isn’t important enough to you. There’s something getting in the way – and it’s not because you’re lazy or you’re weak willed – or you’re just prone to giving up. 

There’s a fundamental pay off your body is getting by “giving up” – which is called weak by fitness fanatics – but it’s called Resting and Listening to your body by health and wellness professionals.

If you keep giving up – instead of flogging your body trying to achieve some sort of external acceptance – ask her why she wants to slow down.

 Listen to your body’s feedback systems and see what vitamins and minerals you might be lacking. Examine the stressors in your life and see what’s making you lethargic.

Because when you get this health thing right (in your mind, body and soul)

You’ll let go of all the pseudo-motivational sayings and the need for external accountability.

You’ll be able to dictate for yourself what’s really important for you to strive for.

 And you’ll never even be able to give up – because it will be as automatic and effortless as getting up and brushing your teeth in the morning.

fitspiration 5
Here are some more awesome Fitspirational Corrected Images !

Fitspiration 4






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Source : http://www.buzzfeed.com/carolynkylstra/fixed-that-fitspo-for-ya



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  1. Something totally just clicked for me…Thanks for this amazing post 🙂

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