How To Identify & Release Emotional Eating Triggers


“Losing weight would be nice….. But what I really want is just to feel good about myself again.”

That’s what Rachel ( and many women just like her ) said to me when she was struggling with emotional eating. 

I want to share with you a very courageous story of a very valuable member of my tribe Rachel. 

Gradually as Rachel opened up to us she shared with us that she had been diagnosed with PTSD ( post traumatic stress disorder ) from being an Emergency Department nurse. Rachel is one of those angels that endures all those kinds of things that make your skin crawl and throw your head up to the sky and scream WHY ??? !! 

And yet this is simply everyday life for Rachel. So in order to survive – she learnt to build up the walls around her, and stop herself from being vulnerable. There was an even darker hidden secret beneath that wall that buried the childhood trauma she experienced that no child should ever have to cope with.

Part of Rachel’s anxiety management was being played out in her incessant mind chatter. Iif she was driving past a car accident and she would imagine

“If someone flags me down, what am I going to do ?
But I don’t have the first aid kit on me ? ?? !!!
Okay well I’ll do X or I’ll call the ambulance or maybe I need to do Y ??

And that would loop over and over in her mind. 

It would take up so much energy and get her so anxious and so depleted and upset she would then go :

” Oh LOOK! There’s the chocolate box I’ll just go eat some chocolate ” 

Maybe the specifics in your life aren’t the same – but does the process and end result sound familiar ? 

Rachel reached out for my help because she had tried so many other diet and exercise programs to help her “self-love” AND help her lose weight – but she felt like all of them were either one or the other, and never were any of them “both”. 

“You Bianca tackle both together and that spoke to me.

Nothing I had tried before, individually had ever worked. This does. I have never felt so good within myself both with my physical self (weight and looks) and my non-physical (emotions, psychologically, mentally).”

So Rachel has lost 7 kilos over the past 9 months using this non-diet, inside out weight loss approach but that’s only just the tip of the iceberg of the transformation she has made to her entire life.

When Rachel initially started on this inside out mind body weight loss journey she was really afraid of failure and her emotions in her words – ” scared the beejeezus out of me “– so she had bottled them up for the longest time.

Today Rachel has truly re-birthed herself and whilst it’s an ongoing journey to stop the internal battle going on inside her around her emotions and her food – she has absolutely transformed her life and those around her are in absolute awe of the changes that she has made.

This is a recording of the last coaching call we did which Rachel has very generously allowed us to share it with you . There are so many insights and a-ha moments for you to experience along with Rachel if you care to join us for the ride .


Interview Part One : The Journey

In the first part of the interview we really delved into the emotional eating side of things. Rachel shares some really incredible insights about food and the choices we have been led to believe were “good for us”. I was really moved by this part of one of our coaching calls I had to stop her part way through and ask if we could share it within our greater tribe and Rach very generously agreed. It’s 54 minutes here and great for you to listen to while you’re driving, or doing the housework, or even whilst you enjoy a walk outside. 

We cover : 

  • How Rachel stopped berating her reflection in the mirror and instead gained the perspective to release the hold scales had over her. 
  • The power of journalling and how it helps you unlock your bodies own healing intuition
  • Rachel’s insights into untangling the inner monologue and start making better choices for yourself more easily, more often. 

I hope you really relish this chapter of my Re-School Rebellion because….

Life is for living ! 

Prefer to read ? Download the entire transcript here






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