Are You On The Brink ?

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Learn The 3 Key Insights Women In Business Need To Understand To Survive & Conquer The Half A Million Dollar Meltdown

In this interview we dive deep down into the gory details of our own personal struggles and triumphs and you’ll learn –

* Why you’re making a critical mistake if you’re looking for your business to make you happy ( and how to understand what REALLY will make you happy )

* The Curse Of The Overachiever who confuses Success in Business with Passion

* How the “Go Hard or Go Home” mentality has been a cornerstone of your success – but no longer applies now

Leela Cosgrove:  If you’re listening to this, it’s because you’re saying to  yourself, “I have a half-a-million dollar business and it’s not making me happy. Now what? I’ve been hustling. I’ve got good money coming in, but I’m exhausted and burned out, and I am going to collapse. Either that or I’m going to shut this whole thing down.” You’re thinking, “My business isn’t fun anymore. This isn’t what I got into it for.” You are in the middle of the half-a-million-dollar meltdown. Today we’re going to talk about the three key insights that women business owners need to understand when on the brink of burn-out or burn-down.

Just to give you a little bit of background, I am Leela Cosgrove, founder and CEO of Strategic Anarchy. I’ve been named one of Australia’s top twenty-five female entrepreneurs under the age of forty, was nominated for the Veuve Cliquot Next Generation Award. I’ve presented at TedX on Marketing and Identity throughout Australia and the US. I’ve won several international short story competitions for my fictional writing.

Bianca Aiono: Introducing me: I’m Bianca Aiono. I’m an award-winning personal trainer-turned online mind/body transformation coach. I’m Leela’s coach. I have represented Australia in six different sports, so I’m a founding member of the Overachievers’ Anonymous. I’ve done the startup to six figures in three different businesses and business models. If there was a school of hard knocks, I definitely would say I have a PhD in the Burn-out or Burn-down Degree.

If you are feeling trapped and feeling unfulfilled in your position as a Business Owner, it’s possible that you’re also feeling guilty. You’ve got this money. You’ve got all these awards, all these accolades. You’ve got all these things. You’re more blessed than most people, and it’s like it still feels hollow. You can’t complain to anyone you know, because they’re like, “Ah, just be happy, you know.” They just don’t get it. Then that’s when it all starts circling around, when you start going, “What is it do I want for my life that things aren’t doing it for me?” Then it’s like, “What’s the point of all this? Who am I?” Leela, you specifically had this situation as well. What really is the problem here?

If you want to work with Bianca in one of her high level coaching programs please go here to apply for a strategy session.

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