Do you wish you were as skinny as when you thought you were fat?

Have you ever noticed that the one pervading feeling you’ve had about your body is that – you don’t approve of it? Have you always felt like you can never match up the image in your head of what you’re “supposed” to look like – with what you see in the mirror?

Guess what – the answer isn’t more dieting and more exercising. 

If you’re sick of that deprive-binge-purge cycle that says “F*ck it I’ve ruined it now – might as well start Monday”…

If you’re sick of oscillating between this couch potato to exercise freak or constantly reasoning with yourself – I know i SHOULD love myself, but I don’t. 

Then check out this video below where I help you learn how to retrain your thoughts. 



Have you ever seen an old photo of yourself and thought, “Gees, I wish I was as skinny as when I thought I was fat!” You’re not alone. In this video I’m going to be showing you what’s really behind this internal struggle. How you can actually short circuit it, and be rid of it for good. I’m Bianca Aiono. I’m a Mind Body Transformation Coach. I specialize in helping overachieving women shed their weight, and spread their wings, without hard core dieting, or punishing exercise.

          Okay, so in this dilemma I want to bring up three different things. First of all, look, I know from personal experience. Just recently I was trolling through a whole bunch of photos. I saw so many times in my life where I thought, “Gees, I thought I was fat then. I thought I was fat then. I thought I was fat then, and I thought I was fat then.” That was the only common thread, and I was so many different shapes and sizes. I had different priorities. I had different goals, different friends, different life circumstances. That was the one pervading common theme amongst all of them.

          1. This is a mindset issue – not a diet and exercise one.

If you are feeling like you can never match up to the image in your head, and the mirror can never match up to it; then that doesn’t mean you have diet more, or you have to exercise more. 

That’s a mindset issue. That’s a thought that you’ve continued to think over years, day in and day out, minutes out of every hour of every day, over decades for some people. That it’s not okay for you to approve of what you see in the mirror. It’s only when you can put a bit of distance between you and that time in your life, that you can be dissociated from it, and view it with some objectivity.

          It’s only when we can start retraining your thoughts, that you can actually be rid of this negative diet cycle; that keeps you saying to yourself, “I’ll start Monday.”, keeps you binging then purging, or couch potato to exercise freak. The answer to short circuiting this never ending battle saying, “I should love myself, but I don’t. I have to love what I see in the mirror, but I hate it.”; this actually about creating new neural pathways. Creating new thoughts for you to think, and practice those thoughts over a period of time. This is what I can actually help you do in our coaching programs, and in my Gain Life, Lose Weight re-school, but more about that later.

2. Who is listening to your negative self talk radio station?

Now the second thing I want you to consider is if you were to track back, and hear all the negative things you say to yourself in the mirror, or when you see a photo. When you’re punishing yourself on the treadmill. Trying to stop yourself from eating something. Stop eating you fat cow. Sweat is just your fat crying. Go hard you fat bitch. All that language is being directed inside.


Would you speak to a child, or one of your own children, the way you speak to yourself?

There’s actually an inner child within you as a part of your psyche who has to endure. There’s a part of you that’s been abused and neglected. You’ve been hammering this abuse minutes, after every hour, after every day, over decades of your life. Then the question is are you okay with that, or is this something that you want to change?

         The third thing that I want to bring your attention to is to ask you: 

3. What is it that you think you’re going to get if you were to be that ideal weight on the scales, or that perfect body that you see in the mirror?

When I ask women this they tell me, “I’d go out more. I’d have more fun. I’d wear sexy clothes. I’d be intimate with my husband more often.” You think that you’re going to be able to do all these things, and weight is the thing that’s stopping you from doing that. If you want to be more comfortable, why don’t you wear more comfortable clothes. If you want to wear sexy clothes, why don’t you buy sexy, comfortable clothes that’s sexy in the eyes of people that adore you.

Make up your own definition of what sexy is. Is sexy just about what you look on the outside, or is sexy an attitude? Fun, are you telling me you’ve never ever had fun at home in your pajamas? Can you see all these blockages that your fencing yourself in? Actually, none of it is prevented by however much you weigh on the scale. Why not find ways that you can be comfortable, have fun, be sexy, be intimate now. This is what people always get confused with. We’ve been conditioned to believe this our entire lives, since before we were born. That when you lose weight, then you’re allowed to be happy.

If you look past the history of it all, no matter what weight you’ve been; you’ve always found something that could be better, or isn’t good enough. If past behavior is an indicator of our future behavior, wouldn’t you think that no matter how much weight you lose even in the future; you’re still going to find something to not have fun, and not be comfortable, and not feel sexy? Why not just let go of all these other people’s definitions of what fun, comfortable, sexy, and what a perfect body is. Define your own. Throw off your shackles of your body jail, and start living life today.

Being happy is what makes you happy, not a number on the scales. The really awesome thing is when you start to gain life, you start losing weight automatically, because when you’re happy you start eating foods that make you feel happy long term. You eat foods that love you back. You like to move your body in fun ways. Losing weight is just a by-product of being happy, and don’t you deserve to be happy? If you need some more help, if you can hear what I’m saying, but you’re still trapped in that body jail, I totally get it.

          This is probably the first time that you’ve really heard somebody be consistent in this messaging to you. If you just can’t pull yourself out of a hole, that’s totally fine.

Reach out, we can help you. This is what we specialize in.

Diets are for dying, and life is for living. Isn’t it time that you start living?

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Part 2 : Avoiding Emotional Eating Through Your Food Intake

Have you ever said to yourself “If I’m not dieting….then what ? ” 

Do I just have to give up and be fat ? 
Can I really just lose weight by eating normal healthy food ? 
Hang on – Wtf does a “normal” person eat anyway??

I get it – sometimes throwing off the shackles of dieting can feel really scary.

The problem is we’ve been taught to distrust our body’s own innate healing ability. 

We’ve been conditioned to believe that fat on our body is something we should be ashamed of and that we should punish out of existence. 

We’ve become more accustomed to criticising and whipping our bodies than just listening – and allowing her needs to dicate to us when and what to eat. 

Although I do hear you saying “If I let my body eat what she wants – then she would eat ALL the biscuits and ALL the cake and I would be a Fat Fatty Forever ! ” 

Stay with me – and consider this for a moment :

When was the last time you ate soooo much chicken, broccoli and sweet potato – to the point where you were feeling sick and nauseous ?  

I’m guessing that’s been extremely rare or maybe never?

In stark contrast how often have you made yourself sick by eating too many Tim Tams or ice-cream or over stuffed yourself with a box of Shapes ? ( Maybe it’s happened way too often than you would like to recall?) 

Okay – so the reason you haven’t made yourself sick ( as a regular habit ) when eating real, whole foods is because your body will tell you when you’ve had enough. 

That’s called Satiety, and it’s one of our body’s natural reflexes.  Satiety is an integral part to your non-dieting weight loss success.

And once you’ve tapped into your body’s natural reflexes –

you will stop struggling with your weight

To help show you how to do this for yourself – I’m really excited to bring you Part 2 of Rachel’s case study ” How To Avoid Emotional Eating Through Your Food Intake” 

Rachel shares her awesome insights into her own ‘Eat More To Weigh Less” journey and she’s even documented her food and her meal ideas and allowed me to put it together as a free resource for you to benefit from! (Yep, I know – she’s pretty awesome) 

Prefer to read ? Download the transcript here

Here’s what you’ll learn

  • How to look at scales as just a tool of indication ( not something to either “make or break” your day
  • Specific meal ideas that helped Rachel balance out her blood sugar and stop craving chocolate and caramel slices
  •  Why you don’t have to worry about calories in and calories out when you’re eating the RIGHT types of food 

Rachel’s lost 7kg or 15 lbs over the past 9 or so months using my non-diet weight loss methodologies and in Rachel’s words it’s been really easy and effortless and definitely without deprivation or punishing exercise.

In the first part of the interview we really delved into the emotional eating side of things –but this short 15 minute or so resource actually describes more of the educational process around food and how I show my students to stop looking at food as either good or bad, but to understand it as fuel. One of the tools we work through in the Re-School is to how to balance your macronutrients of protein, fats and carbohydrates so that you’re not always guessing, going hungry, sugar binging or sugar crashing.

So this is an awesome tune in for you if you’d like to get some insight into what Rachel’s actually been eating and how she reformed herself as a staple bread eater and let go of the deprive, binge, guilt cycle.

Untitled design-47

Enter your details below to download Rachel’s Meal Idea’s she’s very generously shared with us.

Rachel Meal Ideas

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Are You On The Brink ?

LE NOUVEL-2 copy


Learn The 3 Key Insights Women In Business Need To Understand To Survive & Conquer The Half A Million Dollar Meltdown

In this interview we dive deep down into the gory details of our own personal struggles and triumphs and you’ll learn –

* Why you’re making a critical mistake if you’re looking for your business to make you happy ( and how to understand what REALLY will make you happy )

* The Curse Of The Overachiever who confuses Success in Business with Passion

* How the “Go Hard or Go Home” mentality has been a cornerstone of your success – but no longer applies now

Leela Cosgrove:  If you’re listening to this, it’s because you’re saying to  yourself, “I have a half-a-million dollar business and it’s not making me happy. Now what? I’ve been hustling. I’ve got good money coming in, but I’m exhausted and burned out, and I am going to collapse. Either that or I’m going to shut this whole thing down.” You’re thinking, “My business isn’t fun anymore. This isn’t what I got into it for.” You are in the middle of the half-a-million-dollar meltdown. Today we’re going to talk about the three key insights that women business owners need to understand when on the brink of burn-out or burn-down.

Just to give you a little bit of background, I am Leela Cosgrove, founder and CEO of Strategic Anarchy. I’ve been named one of Australia’s top twenty-five female entrepreneurs under the age of forty, was nominated for the Veuve Cliquot Next Generation Award. I’ve presented at TedX on Marketing and Identity throughout Australia and the US. I’ve won several international short story competitions for my fictional writing.

Bianca Aiono: Introducing me: I’m Bianca Aiono. I’m an award-winning personal trainer-turned online mind/body transformation coach. I’m Leela’s coach. I have represented Australia in six different sports, so I’m a founding member of the Overachievers’ Anonymous. I’ve done the startup to six figures in three different businesses and business models. If there was a school of hard knocks, I definitely would say I have a PhD in the Burn-out or Burn-down Degree.

If you are feeling trapped and feeling unfulfilled in your position as a Business Owner, it’s possible that you’re also feeling guilty. You’ve got this money. You’ve got all these awards, all these accolades. You’ve got all these things. You’re more blessed than most people, and it’s like it still feels hollow. You can’t complain to anyone you know, because they’re like, “Ah, just be happy, you know.” They just don’t get it. Then that’s when it all starts circling around, when you start going, “What is it do I want for my life that things aren’t doing it for me?” Then it’s like, “What’s the point of all this? Who am I?” Leela, you specifically had this situation as well. What really is the problem here?

If you want to work with Bianca in one of her high level coaching programs please go here to apply for a strategy session.

Download the Entire Transcript Here

Connect with Leela: and on Facebook here

Connect with Bianca: and on Facebook here

How To Identify & Release Emotional Eating Triggers


“Losing weight would be nice….. But what I really want is just to feel good about myself again.”

That’s what Rachel ( and many women just like her ) said to me when she was struggling with emotional eating. 

I want to share with you a very courageous story of a very valuable member of my tribe Rachel. 

Gradually as Rachel opened up to us she shared with us that she had been diagnosed with PTSD ( post traumatic stress disorder ) from being an Emergency Department nurse. Rachel is one of those angels that endures all those kinds of things that make your skin crawl and throw your head up to the sky and scream WHY ??? !! 

And yet this is simply everyday life for Rachel. So in order to survive – she learnt to build up the walls around her, and stop herself from being vulnerable. There was an even darker hidden secret beneath that wall that buried the childhood trauma she experienced that no child should ever have to cope with.

Part of Rachel’s anxiety management was being played out in her incessant mind chatter. Iif she was driving past a car accident and she would imagine

“If someone flags me down, what am I going to do ?
But I don’t have the first aid kit on me ? ?? !!!
Okay well I’ll do X or I’ll call the ambulance or maybe I need to do Y ??

And that would loop over and over in her mind. 

It would take up so much energy and get her so anxious and so depleted and upset she would then go :

” Oh LOOK! There’s the chocolate box I’ll just go eat some chocolate ” 

Maybe the specifics in your life aren’t the same – but does the process and end result sound familiar ? 

Rachel reached out for my help because she had tried so many other diet and exercise programs to help her “self-love” AND help her lose weight – but she felt like all of them were either one or the other, and never were any of them “both”. 

“You Bianca tackle both together and that spoke to me.

Nothing I had tried before, individually had ever worked. This does. I have never felt so good within myself both with my physical self (weight and looks) and my non-physical (emotions, psychologically, mentally).”

So Rachel has lost 7 kilos over the past 9 months using this non-diet, inside out weight loss approach but that’s only just the tip of the iceberg of the transformation she has made to her entire life.

When Rachel initially started on this inside out mind body weight loss journey she was really afraid of failure and her emotions in her words – ” scared the beejeezus out of me “– so she had bottled them up for the longest time.

Today Rachel has truly re-birthed herself and whilst it’s an ongoing journey to stop the internal battle going on inside her around her emotions and her food – she has absolutely transformed her life and those around her are in absolute awe of the changes that she has made.

This is a recording of the last coaching call we did which Rachel has very generously allowed us to share it with you . There are so many insights and a-ha moments for you to experience along with Rachel if you care to join us for the ride .


Interview Part One : The Journey

In the first part of the interview we really delved into the emotional eating side of things. Rachel shares some really incredible insights about food and the choices we have been led to believe were “good for us”. I was really moved by this part of one of our coaching calls I had to stop her part way through and ask if we could share it within our greater tribe and Rach very generously agreed. It’s 54 minutes here and great for you to listen to while you’re driving, or doing the housework, or even whilst you enjoy a walk outside. 

We cover : 

  • How Rachel stopped berating her reflection in the mirror and instead gained the perspective to release the hold scales had over her. 
  • The power of journalling and how it helps you unlock your bodies own healing intuition
  • Rachel’s insights into untangling the inner monologue and start making better choices for yourself more easily, more often. 

I hope you really relish this chapter of my Re-School Rebellion because….

Life is for living ! 

Prefer to read ? Download the entire transcript here




Stop Making This Way Too Common Dieting Mistake !

Are you making this incredibly common and yet easily fixable dieting mistake ?

This topic is SO important to me, I keep seeing women making this mistake over and over again, so I just had to do a quick video at my desk to get this message out to you pronto !

If you’re falling victim to this you’ll find yourself 

  • unable to stop yourself from reaching for high sugar, high fat snacks 
  • storing fat stubbornly ( especially around your stomach, bum and thighs ) 
  • feeling sluggish and lethargic and lacking in motivation
  • experiencing difficulty in losing weight even when you ARE being good!

Check the video out below to find out exactly what I’m talking about and whether or not this applies to you !

To claim your F.REE Food Diary Feedback Session ( 15 minutes )

1. Watch the video above
2. Download this editable Food Diary here .
3. Send the completed document through to
(if you don’t have a printer – just write it out in the email and send it through and we’ll be in touch)

Feedback On Food Diar

I’m offering a limited number of 15 minute Feedback sessions and they’ll be with either myself or one of my team where you will get some individualised advice as to some super simple tips you can implement right away. If you’d like to receive one of these sessions – please watch the video by clicking through here and downloading your food diary so that you can fill it out and send it back to us.(If you don’t have a printer – just write out your “Good Day” and “Bad Day” food intake and forward it by replying to this email )

Once we receive your food diary – if we think there’s some quality advice we can give you we will send you a link to book yourself an appointment at a time that suits us both. 

Please note : Just because this is free – doesn’t mean it’s not incredibly valuable !

We charge our time out at $250 / hour and $500 / hour respectively to work with people in a 1 on 1 situation so we can only offer this for a limited time and for a limited number of people.So – please only submit your food diary for review if you’re actually serious about making some changes to your health.

This video beneath outlines the difference between my approach and traditional weight loss methodology.

And this picture is just darn hilarious – yet also very accurate and totally preventable !


Video Transcript

Hey chook ! Bianca here.

My mission is to help you shed your weight and spread your wings. I’ve just got back from training and there’s been something that’s really been bugging me for a long time now, really. This is the behind the scenes office where

I speak to so many women every week who are making this really critical dieting mistake – and that’s not eating ENOUGH FOOD ! 

People have always been told that weight loss is just about restricting the food that you’re eating and really exercising, really hard to the point when you’re feeling hangry all the time, hungry and angry. The weight has come off really quickly at the start but then you feel it’s like this tightrope, right? You’re bouncing on this tightrope, you’re on the top of this massive cavern and these cliffs, this canyon.

                        You’re tightrope walking along and at any moment you could fail, you could fall off the band wagon, you could fall and plunge to the bottom of the ravine. The climb back up is so arduous, it’s so insurmountable, so painful but that’s pretty much the dieting choices that we’ve ever been given. Either going really, really hardcore which is really difficult to maintain or fall down to the bottom of the ravine and go “Oh, well okay, might as well give up now anyway”.

                        One of the really critical mistakes that I see is that people might start the day off being really healthy and then it comes to the afternoon and they just end up gorging on one thing and then the next thing or one little bite of chocolate turns into the whole packet or the whole block. You start thinking to yourself, just stop eating the chocolate, it’ll be okay. What’s happened is,

Hormonally you’ve set yourself up to crave the real sugar hit and you’ve done that from when you’ve woken up in the morning and tried to be too healthy and cut out your carbs and didn’t give yourself enough fats !

You would totally be surprised if you saw how much food you could eat AND lose weight – if it was the RIGHT type of food !

                        The other version of that is going for four weeks or six weeks super gung ho focused or maybe even only two weeks or maybe even only even four days and not being able to keep it up before you fall off the band wagon and you go for a binge. I’m going to be reaching out to you to give you some help okay? I want to find out from you, what do you eat on a good day and what do you eat on a bad day? I want you to put it all out there, warts and all, then tell me the ratio of the good to the bad.

                        One of my coaches is going to have a quick chat with you. If we think we can help you, I’m going to get you to fill out that pdf, fill out that questionnaire and then send it through to us or if it doesn’t work just write it in an email. Let us know what’s going on in your world. If we can help you, we want to reach out and give you a fifteen minute free feedback food diary consultation.

                        My team, they charge $250 a hour, so it’s super, super valuable but we want to give it to you for free, just to help you get off this roller coaster. People talk to me all the time about this stuff, Melinda’s just been contacting me “I’m doing a massive happy day today, work’s going so well and oh by the way, I’ve lost ten kilos”. This is what happens all the time, she’s saying that she realized it was just acknowledging the emotional stuff but also the awareness of why I want to eat and then not giving a shit about calories in and calories out. She stopped weighing herself and when her pants started to fall off her waist she thought “Hmm, maybe I’ve lost a bit of weight”

                        Melinda was saying she looks at weight loss completely differently now and that the Re-school, that’s our twelve week Love Your Body Lean online program, just watching the very first video allowed her to go “Oh, my God, I’m so in the right place”. She says that Re-school has changed so much for her, that her obsession with her weight and size has stopped. Her goals aren’t weight related anymore, they’re more health related and the number on the scales means nothing anymore. It’s the total liberation from the shit that she’s been putting on herself for years.

                        We can help you with that and sometimes it’s just a little tweak of what it is that you’re doing from breakfast or maybe it’s just pulling you back off the ledge and going “You know what? You don’t have to be tightrope walking. You don’t have to be at the bottom of the ravine. You can actually find this path for yourself that’s easy and effortless and you can have fun”. Six months down the track of no dieting and no calorie counting you suddenly go “Holy crap, my pants are falling off and I’ve lost ten kilos”. How cool would that be?

                        As you can tell I’m really, really passionate about it. Put the info down, it’s a bit confronting, I get that. Just imagine yourself sending it out for help from the universe because we’re here on the opposite end of this waiting to help you. Check out, if you want to the Chill Baby Chill video which is just the little first snippet of the first Welcome video in the Re-school that Melinda was saying really helped her and made her go “Oh, now I know why I’m here”.

                        Have a great day, enjoy yourself, know that there’s another option that doesn’t involve tightrope walking and doesn’t involve plummeting to your death every time you fall off the band wagon. There’s some really, really simple tips we can give you to help you start eating more so you can weigh less. How good does that sound? Awesome?

                        Send us through your deets, put it out there on paper and we’ll be talking to you soon.

Join The Rebellion

If you’ve ever thought to yourself “I’ll be happy when I lose the weight” – then maybe you’re just sick and tired of “waiting for the weight”.

If that sounds like you – I am very excited to introduce to you a fellow warrior woman : Emazon of Emazon.Tv who you may recognise as the trainer with the flaming red mohawk on The Biggest Loser a few years ago, and also a trainer on Australia’s Next Top Model.

Emma is a true Rebel – and disappeared from our TV screens not long after her very popular debut. Many years later – I was surprised to see her pop up on a comment on my “10 Problems With Isagenix ” article saying ” I like your style sista! “

I took the opportunity to connect with Emma and see what she’s been up to and I was SO excited to hear about the crusade she’s bringing to our attention and the stand she’s taking on Body Bashing & fear based marketing .

Wait until you hear why she gave up such a lucrative position on The Biggest Loser and why she’s been blacklisted ever since !

This interview gave me goosebumps several times just listening to the passion behind Emma’s philosophies !

Emma’s also got a “How To Be Your Own Mind Coach” evening planned on July 7th in Brisbane that I hope to see you there ! Emma’s offered us a special ‘BionicaFit” Tribe price for the evening ($66) you can book by going here.

There’s also other opportunities to connect with Emma you can see by going to her event page – I’m going to her event in Brisbane in September too.

Anyhow – I hope you love this interview as much as I loved hearing Emma talk about what’s really going on, and how you might already be a part of the rebellion – and you didn’t even realise !

So check out our interview and discover more about exactly what The Rebellion is – and how just being a part of it will be the key to boosting your body confidence and letting go of the idea ” I need to lose weight before I can be happy ! “

Because life is for living xxx


Press Play Below To Listen To The Interview !


Here’s a snippet of what Emma is all about !
Meet her in person on July 7th in Brisbane by clicking here. 



Interview Transcription

Bianca: Welcome everybody out there in BionicaFit Warrior world. I have a super special warrior guest with me, Emma Barbato, who is Emazon. Welcome, Emma. Thanks so much for meeting with us.

Emma: Thank you for having me. I am very excited to be here and a part of your wonderful tribe.

Bianca:  Yay. Emma, I recognized you from years ago when you were being your Emazon character, hard out on the Biggest Loser. Maybe that’s six or seven years ago, and I’ve always held a flame for you from back then. I noticed that I saw you comment on my recent article this year about the top ten problems with Isagenix. I recognized you then.

You’re all like : Power to you sister, because a lot of that was all about how a woman doesn’t feel empowered by getting in a pair of skinny jeans because she bought some shake diets, and just peeling back the layers. Tell me what attracted you to that. Then, what was the whole catalyst effect that happened behind the scenes with Fernwood and stuff with that, too?

Emma: Of course it gets shared to me, because my clients share this, to “go check out this.” They love to be able to share things which in their eyes was introduced to me as a form of rebellion, because obviously everything about Emazon and everything that I stand for is about the inner rebel that’s inside us.

They introduced that article to me because they were the ones reading it and going, “Here is a woman making her stand and going against the norm and being that solo voice to be able to turn around and go, ‘Here’s some facts, take it or leave it.'” They loved the tone of it, which they go, “You’ll like this chick.”

Of course, when I read it, the first thing that I was like, “Hell yeah,” the fact that when you’re committed, when you’re convicted to making a statement, because when you’re going to go out when people are a part of these lynch mobs, you know that they’re going to get the pitchfork out.

“I love it when a woman will still stand there and go “Don’t care. Not budging. This is my view that I have a right to have ” 

“I have a platform, I have people’s attention, and this is my view. This is my professional one, this is my personal one. You get that response of people going, “You can’t say that,” and I love the fact that you were like , “Watch me. Watch me. I will say it, and if other people agree, so be it.”

People don’t like that tension. They go, “No, you have to stop, you have to take it down.” This when I love when you introduce to people going:

“No, I don’t. No, I don’t have to take it down. There is nothing, you can do about it. You must accept it with an element of your own grace. As you are free to have your opinion, so am I. Let the thing be.”

I just love the fact that it was … You absolutely punched it, and you punched it hard. A lot of people, when you’re going to make a statement like you did with the Isagenix, you’ve got to punch it hard, you can’t dance around it. I love a hard-hitter, so, yeah, you came up on my radar big time as a fellow sister, a part of waving the flag.

Bianca: That’s awesome. You brought me to attention of this greater rebellion, and it’s really exciting. It keeps on giving me goosebumps. This was born from quite a few years ago when you did kick off with Biggest Loser, and how you had the world at your feet. The holy grail of personal trainers, of people in the fitness industry, is to be a recognized, a nationally recognized or internationally recognized trainer on a reality TV show like The Biggest Loser.

It was really interesting, because I did actually get short-listed for the American version, and Anna Kournikova ended up being in it. I kind of always thought, “I really wanted to be in it,” but then, now looking back, I’m like, “I so wouldn’t have fitted it.” You’ve actually had real experience of that, so tell us what your motivation was and what that whole story was about why we didn’t get to see more of you.

Emma:  My whole plan from the very, very beginning, in the back of my head, my whole approach, was the fact that, yes, I’ll be able to go in on the first season, and the biggest thing that I pitched to them, and they loved it and they embraced it, was have one trainer attached to the process of weight loss who doesn’t talk about their weight. I knew that because of my background within neuroscience.

I understood that if you just had somebody else, just one, just one trainer not focusing, not weighing in , not talking about the numbers, and let’s just use it as a character to be able to metaphorically teach them how to fight their demons. They loved it, they loved the idea of it, and they were like, “Cool”

Of course, the first season that I was in went to air and it was a huge success. The episodes rated and everything, it shot up into that massive … I was that massive curve-ball, and that’s what I wanted to be. I wanted to be visually something that shocked people out of the norm, because I am not your cookie-cutter personal trainer. At the time, I had a flaming red mohawk and full back tattoo, and I was obviously into cage fighting and all this kind of stuff. It was this real curve-ball of what people were expecting as the perfect, tanned, white teeth, long blonde hair personal trainer. They used it. I told them, “Use it. Use it to your advantage. Exploit it, do whatever you want with it, because I want it to go into the shock factor,” knowing very well that when we scramble the brain, it opens us up to the opportunity to evolve it. I was happy to be that first shock, and it worked. It really worked.

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A Powerful But Little Known Weight Loss Tool

Are you missing out on the fat burning powers of FUN ??

After working with women on their emotional eating and working on my own life balance for the past few years I see that “having fun” is truly a lost art of the Western woman.

And I don’t mean the fun you get around food, coffee and wine, of course that is a whole lot of fun – but that’s only ONE way of having fun. And if you’re struggling with your weight, chances are you’re filling up on that area of fun a little too often.

What I’ve found is that in our busy lives, rushing to work, meeting deadlines, juggling family events, striving to be slimmer, healthier and “the best version of ourselves” – we’ve completely missed the point.

“The basis of your life is freedom, the purpose of your life is joy!” – Abraham Hicks

What do YOU do for freedom, joy and purpose ? Something that doesn’t involve indulging in food or alcohol as the main event – or some version of “trying to be the best version of you” ?

* insert jeopardy music here *

If you’re coming up blank, or if you hesitated – it might mean that fun really isn’t in the forefront of your mind. So why is that ?

Do you not have time for fun? Do you think you don’t deserve to have fun? Do you think other things in life are more important than having fun?

Like if you’re not being busy working, running the household, well you should really be focusing your attention on losing the weight and keeping some of those promises you continue to make …..

year after year after year ….

But if that sounds too hard – hey, let’s just have some yummy food and wine and hope you forget about it !

^^Does that scenario sound familiar ?

Don’t worry – you’re not alone, but what I really want to push home to you is that losing weight isn’t about the food you do or you don’t eat, or the exercise you do or you don’t do. It’s about how you fill up on the deliciousness of life, so that you don’t have to resort to using only food and exercise to do it for you!

Fun is also an amazing stress reliever and creates an incredible hormonal chain reaction in your body that can flick off your internal fat switch!

What if STRESS is actually your biggest fat storer, and having FUN was the most powerful fat BURNER you’ve ever – never had to buy!

One of the things I do for fun is photography and I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you a program created by a good friend of mine Clare Stephens.



Clare has put together this incredible photography course called “Kids Through A Lens” – and she’s just about to kick off a 21 Day Beginner Bootcamp.

It’s designed for mums who have bought those awesome expensive cameras – but don’t actually know how to use them. I’m not a mum, but I do love taking photos of kids so I’ve been really surprised at how much my “fun tank” has been filled up! I love watching her videos and then testing the tips out on my camera and I’ve already started teeing up some of my friends for some photoshoots for them and their kids!

Clare says of Beginner Bootcamp ” The biggest benefit I have seen for mums is that they discover a passion for SOMETHING after not doing anything for themselves for years while having kids…

This is a hobby that actually involves the kids – so they don’t feel guilty about time taken away from them to spend on their hobby so there is quite a lot of confidence building and feeling good about learning something new that happens as an unexpected side benefit.”


One of my best friends Danna sent me this photo of my God Daughter Evie with the caption #NailedIt

We literally shrieked with laughter down the phone until tears were coming down our face.

I Heart Photography . This video is a collection of photo moments taken over the years by another one of my besties the incredible Melissa Jean !

So I really encourage you to check out Clare’s program by clicking here – and if you want to enrol act quickly because she’s still offering $50 off as an awesome early bird deal !

But whatever you decide to do – will you make me one promise ?

Decide that today is the day you’re going to put some FUN back into your life !

Mind Body Transformation Coach

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And just remember – I’m always just a FB post or an email away if you ever need a swift kick up the butt to get your momentum back ! xx

Are So Called Fitness “Experts” On Instagram Damaging Your Metabolism ?


Pseudo Health Advice On Social Media Versus Qualified Opinions From The Experts .

Who has been influencing your diet and fitness decisions – and have you ever stopped and wondered if they really should be ?

Have you found that the clean eating plans and Get Ripped in 30 Days or less programs have helped you transform your body but the process wasn’t sustainable ? And have you found that you could achieve quick results – but the cost of those extreme measures has left you unmotivated, frumpy and fatigued on the couch when you rebounded many months later ?  

Or maybe you haven’t relapsed – but you’ve found yourself obsessing over calories and workouts – and as much as your body is tired, and your mind is exhausted – you’re scared of what might happen if you let yourself slip – even just a little.

Bridget & Bianca discuss the long term metabolic and hormonal dangers of following 20 something Instant Fitness Experts especially if you’re a 30 + woman.

Tune in to learn how to ditch the diet mentality and discover your body’s natural healing power.

It’s not about will power and it’s not about punishing yourself to health. Truly – we will share with you how and why : attaining a lean and curvy body doesn’t have to be as hard as you think !



How to Ditch The Diet Mentality & Discover Your Body’s Inner Healing Power with Bridget Jane


Download the transcript here.

Find Bridget’s Glow Project
& New Leaf Nutrition Site Here.

Ditchin’ The Diets

Listen into this radio interview with Georgie Fitzgerald “In The Pink” from a local Tasmanian radio show : Huon Fm where I talk all about how to Ditch the Diets & Love Your Body Lean



Never Give Up