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Are you exhausted from years of battling your body and willing yourself to be good? Have you experienced your fair share of weight loss success, but the results have been short lived? And does the thought going through it all again just seem insurmountable?

If it’s true that “The Journey Is More Important Than The Destination ” 

Then why do you keep punishing yourself by doing exercise you hate ?
Why do you deprive yourself of foods you love ?
And why do you berate yourself  everyday for not looking like somebody else’s definition of “good” 

Why are you making yourself miserable in the pursuit of being “healthy and happy” 

This year Australians will spend over $800 million dollars on weight loss products, only to gain back most of the weight they lost, or even end up heavier than they were before. Yet, it is the “fat cos they’re lazy” who shoulder the blame for failing to lose weight – whilst the industry who promised them the magic snake oil – continues to profit without reproof. 

One million dollars a day are spent on fad diets that are ineffective at best, and completely unsafe at worst.

One in five Australians are on a diet, the sales of diet food products continue to grow, and yet ;

63% of Australians are overweight or obese.
80 % of dieters admit they are totally confused about what to eat and
Dieters are 75% more likely to become depressed.

It seems the more we spend,
the harder we try,
the sadder, fatter and more frustrated we get.  

Our culture is so obsessed with physical beauty we go to war on our bodies and spare no expense to the world around us.

We choke down chemical concoctions and cram our bodies full of crap in the hopes of looking like the flawless images in magazines. And yet – even the models in the magazines don’t look like the models in the magazines.

We go to jobs we hate to pay for clothes and beauty treatments we don’t need.

And we put beagles in laboratories and starve them of sunshine and grass, just so we can ply ourselves with make up.

That’s right – we cause animals daily physical harm – in the name of beauty.

“Beauty” an ideal that is forever morphing, dictated to us by external forces who manipulate us for their own profit. An ideal that we are responsible for sustaining – with our cultural addiction to “Be More & Have More” . 

An ideal that promotes an unattainable near physical perfection” –  born from the swirling pit of  our inexhaustible insecurities and doubts .

Like a horrible lurching Frankenstein beast, this beauty monster has an unquenchable hunger for resources and demands to be fed at all costs. 

We have been so deeply indoctrinated with the notion that being slim and attractive is what makes you worthy, and being worthy is what makes you happy,
in our minds the end justifies the means.

When in reality, being happy is what makes you happy, and being slim just means you’re just a slimmer version of your former flabbier self.

You still have the same issues, the same life circumstances – you’re still YOU ( just in a slimmer form )  

“I’ll be happy when I lose the weight ” :

It’s the Plague of the 21st Centure Western Woman – a mental and spiritual sickness so pervasive and deceptive that even when you’re deep in the underbelly of it’s affliction – you don’t even know you’re sick. 

Because how do you escape a body confidence prison – if you can’t see the bars that imprison you ?

How do you escape The Matrix – if you don’t know what it is ? 


What is happiness ? And how do we attain it ? 

We aren’t enslaved to commercial sexual exploitation like child prostititutes in India.

We aren’t poverty stricken Chinese working in factories trying to earn a few dollars a month to feed our families.

We aren’t drought-afflicted mothers in Africa trying to fend off Ebola, Rape as a Weapon of War, Genitalia Mutilation AND produce enough milk for our starving children.

And yet one might argue – in our lives drenched with affluence and opportunity :  we have even less of a grasp on what “happiness” is than they do. 

So how do we bridge the gap ?
How do we level the playing field ? 

How do we share our wealth of exhaustible resources ( money, food , shelter , safety , healthcare ) 

And at the same time – tap into the inexhaustible resources of the Universe : of  love , gratitude, peace and happiness ?? 

Shed Your Weight & Spread Your Wings 

The truth of the situation is I am OVER talking about “How To Lose Weight ” like it’s a condition because it’s not – it’s a symptom of an underlying condition.

But i LOVE talking about the ROOT cause of excess weight : which is your body’s need for additional layers and fuel for protection.

That’s right – excess weight is simply your body’s way of trying to survive. 

So the only real answer is discovering where your body is actually perceiving a shortage , a lack of

Where is your body feeling threatened and starving for nourishment ?


Are you malnourished – does your body crave nourishment from vital, live foods ? 
Can your body
How consistently are you applying this



10% of your conscious mind controls your conscious behaviour.
That’s the part .
90% of your subconscious mind drives the Do you understand the nature of your

Power Within.


It’s only when we focus on these 4 quadrants of personal wholeness that we can truly thrive with a happy mindset, a healthy functioning body and be grateful for this abundant world we live in .

It’s just by universal “accident” we were born here and not in poverty
– so do you squander the gifts of freedom and abundance by wallowing in self-sabotage and criticism ?

Or do you find a way to let go of your body confidence shackles and your self imposed diet prisons and instead stop waiting for that day that something outside of yourself will allow you to finally be happy and accepted.


At the end of your life, will you look back with satisfaction, on a life conquered and fulfilled? Or will you see a spectator, someone who always waited on the sidelines of life, yearning to participate, yet never having given themselves permission to join in ? .