About Bianca

Bianca Aiono-Robertson believes Healthy is the new Skinny and is on a mission to bust the myths of the diet industry and save us from the exhaustion of the weight loss merry-go-round.

The personal trainer and former international body shaping champion has simplified her philosophy after a 10 year personal struggle with body image which at its worst involved drug taking, binging and eating disorders.

Bianca has been there and tried it all when it comes to traditional diets and strongly refutes claims that losing weight is simply eating less and exercising more. Her research confirms hormonal imbalances and a poor mental attitude are behind most issues.

Bianca is BionicaFit and represents a revolution to the propaganda plagued diet industry.



Bianca was shortlisted to be a Personal Trainer for the Biggest Loser America. Here is a selection of her audition reel.